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One of my main new years resolutions was to train to being a healthier and happier me. I’m happy to say I’ve been sticking with my goals and have incorporated a morning mommy workout routine that I do on the daily. With a pre-kindergartener  that is only in school half days, I include my 4 year son into my morning works outs using a jogging stroller. Watch my video as I share my warm up run routine, a few stretches, and some fun Mommy & Me Exercises to do with your little one! Check out my latest video I posted on YouTube! I’ll try my very best to start a new schedule of YouTube posts and blog posts! I’m only human and my mind in particular races so fast, I want to do so many things at one time but I honestly can’t. Sometimes I run and work out all days, the others I craft all days, and many days more than others, I stay home cleaning and catching up on laundry! 

I hope you enjoy my Mommy and Me Exercise video! With any luck with those moms out there reaching new healthy goals of being fit and happy, I hope you can find joy and encouragement as we can celebrate together on our healthy journey! Cheers to those training for their first 5K, 10K, fun run, or even Half Marathon like me! We all have to start somewhere!



Please note that I am not a professional, all actions on my channel must be completed at your own risk. I do not take responsibility for any harm or injury that may occur. Be safe!

I hope you’ll enjoy my video! It was definitely one of the fun ones to make! Lot’s of footage, editing, time and effort was put into it, so please enjoy! Hopefully this can inspire all you other moms out there to get active with your children while working out!

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Remember, you don’t need to wait until the new year to make new goals! Start now!!

Happy running!


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