Why I Thrift For My Kids

Discover awesome apparel for your little guys at thrift stores!! It is ingrained in me to thrift for my children and myself. With non-stop growing children, and myself going through a weight loss journey buying new kids clothing all the time is no option. As long as they are in good condition, they fit well, and are stylish and trendy. This post and video was inspired by Stephanie from Six Figures Under! She had written a post about 6 Reasons to Get Kids Clothes Secondhand, and I couldn’t agree anymore than her! When I came across the blog, everything she had listed was already things I was actively doing! (Read more HERE)

Here are the 6 Reasons to get kids (and yourself!) clothes secondhand:

  1. It’s WAY Cheaper!

    Thrift stores, garage sales, consignment shops, Craigslist, and one of my favorites Facebook Buy/ Sell/ Trade Mommy Groups are many ways to get clothes for cheap or even free! For a brand new pair of jeans sold at Kohls, you could get three or four (or many more!) used ones! Saving money is the number one reason for buying pre-worn/pre-used clothes.

  2. Sufficient Selection

    You don’t have to worry about your child wearing that same shirt from Target (We’ve all seen it happen!) Select classic patterns and styles that are trendy. Inventory at thrift stores is always changing. Hit the racks, and search for those outstandingly good finds.

  3. Stains? No Problem!

    Kids clothes are a magnet for disaster. It hurts when I’ve spent money on a brand new outfit only to have it be ruined the first time my kid wears it. Buying used clothes won’t make your kids less messy, but it will save some frustration.

  4. Make Money

    I found a DVF Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress at my local Savers for $24. Those dresses cost $368 at Bloomingdales! When you find excellent clothes at great prices, go ahead and grab them, even if they won’t fit you or your kids! You can sell them on ebay or turn them in for credit at your local consignment store!

  5. It’s Green!

    Buying used is a away to recycle. It keeps good items out of landfills and decreases the demand for new manufacturing. By making “buying used,” your standard, you are being more environmentally friendly.

  6. Kids Grow
    Buying used kids clothes also allows you to buy a season and size ahead without over-spending. Even when seasons and sizes don’t match up, it’s nice that you didn’t pay full price for those items they’ll never wear. If some pieces manage to survive #3, I pass them on to your youngest son. Replacing an entire wardrobe of outgrown clothes (or for me, clothes that are now too large for me) by shopping at thrift stores and garage sales won’t ruin your budget. You can pass on the clothes that don’t fit to another family member, or turn them around and sell them on a Facebook Group.

How about you….

  • Do you regularly buy secondhand children’s clothes?
  • How about for yourself?
  • What are the biggest reasons you do or don’t buy used clothes?youtube

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