Pumpkin Poo

We’re midway into October, so I want to start to share with you some fun cool treats to make for your children’s class, or even trick-o-treaters! I have a lists of DIY projects to do, especially since my youngest is turning 5 next month! Eeekkkk!! Let’s get Halloween crafts out of the way shall we? This Halloween, I’ll be preparing some snack bags for both of my boys’ Halloween class parties. It’s peanut free, and perfect for young ones to snack on!

Buy in bulk and divvy up treats for a cost-saving favor idea.

Buy a large bin of cheeseballs (Target/Costco/Smart And Final) They are the perfect treat to create…..

Pumpkin poop!!

This idea came from Stephanie from Somewhat Simple, that was featured on Eighteen21 (found via Pinterest)

This is my rendition on Pumpkin Poo.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Cheese Balls & Pirate’s Booty (Target)
  • Small Zip Lock Bags (Any Craft Store)
  • Burtch Paper (Dollar Tree)
  • Festive Halloween Scrapbook Paper
  • Stapler
  • Scissors


  • Straight Cutter
  • Velum Paper
  • Halloween Decorative Stickers

The Martha Stewart Halloween stickers were a lucky find from Marshalls for only $2.99! Search around discount retailers such as Ross, Big Lots, TJMaxx and HomeGoods. Check out their stationary section, you’ll be surprised what kind of products they have, and a great price!

 The directions are quite easy to follow just by the pictures. Only extra step, are the labels. I’m a huge fan of layers, and gluing labels above textured/decorative paper. Using velum (drafting paper) as a label is my cup of tea. It may not work for everyone, but that’s were you can personalize the project.


  1. Pre-measure the butcher paper to the same width of the zip lock. Then fold over, and staple.
  2. Once stapled, add in your decorative Halloween sticker. I used the Martha Stewart boarder stickers, and placed them on the bottom half of the butcher paper.
  3. Create a word document of the “Pumpkin Poo…just for you!” phrase and print on velum, or whatever chosen paper sheet of your choice.
  4. Print, cut, and glue. After that you’re basically ready to serve to share with your little ones, neighbors, students or kids classmates!

I hope you and your children enjoy this fun little pumpkin treat!

Have a Happy Halloween!!


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