Marimekko Autumn Nails

The first day of fall is right around the corner (Sept 23rd!) Try adding in a touch of autumn to your nails too! Usually it’s common for me to get a design on all or at least on each of the ring fingers. This fall I got my nails done with a deep burgundy red, and a autumn inspired floral print on each ring finger. As usual I get inspired through Pinterest, after searching up ‘Fall Nails.’


Here’s the PIN that I found, and requested for…


Inspiration Pinterest PIN

The original post was from a Japanese blogger named Rei Handa. You can check out her New Nail blog post HERE.

Her inspired nails were initially inspired by the iconic Marimekko pattern.

Unfold Marimekko


Marimekko is a Finnish company, and is a play on words, on ‘Mari’ an anagram of the first name of the company’s founder, Armi Ratia, while ‘mekko’ means ‘dress’ in Finnish. Particularly noted for brightly colored printed fabrics and simple styles, used both in women’s garments and in home furnishings. The two designers in particular, Vuokko Nurmesniemi with bold stripes, and Maija Isola with large simple flowered prints, created hundreds of distinctive patterns and helped to make Marimekko a household name across the world. (Read more)

Overlooking the designs online, it looks like a very high-end IKEA. WHICH is why it looked oh so familiar!! Marimekko provides covers from Bemz, the lovely Swedish folks who produce stylish slipcovers for IKEA‘s sofas and armchairs!!

Here’s my complete nail interoperation that my nail technician was able to do. I requested forest green to replace the black, and stuck with the original concept of flowers and color pallet from Rei Handa’s nail photo.

Side By Side

Above: My nails for autumn.

Very kawaii I might say!!!

Kawaii (かわいい?, [kaw͍aiꜜi], “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable”) is the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture.

For more fall nail art ideas:

Check out BeautyTipsNTricks, they have a wide variety of fall nail art inspiration!

If you’ve fallen in love  the Marimekko, and live in the Bay Area, check out their stores! There’s one the San Francisco, Emeryville, and Palo Alto!! I’ll be taking a visit quite soon!! I’ll be sure to share my haul!! Until then, share with me your autumn nail art inspiration!


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