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My last post was about a failed business I once was apart of. Needless to say, things took its own course, and I found better opportunities that work for me, my creativity, and my family. The business and partnership may have failed, but my natural ability to style events is this there. I’ve mentioned in a previous post I’ve collaborated with YouTuber, MsDebraMaye. (Read more about how we connected HERE.)

In just two days MsDebraMaye will finally be having her church wedding (#delmundovowrenewal). I’ve already started the floral arrangements, miscellaneous decorative props, and have addressed other styling needs. She’s requested for:

-Ring Bearer’s Pillow,

-2 Flower Girl Goodie Baskets (for two adorable twins),

-Guest Seating Arrangement Display

-Chalk Signage

-Day Of Coordinating/Design

 Besides that hefty list of to-dos I still have get to put it all together at the venue the night before, along with chapel dress rehearsal

with the bridal party!Processed with Moldiv

Now, you may be wondering, why don’t I serve as my own business by myself since people do go to me for these things. It’s actually complicated to explain. I genuinely love styling, but it’s something I don’t entirely want to breathe. I do have a garage full of rustic and vintage like pieces for any imaginable party out there, but it’s not fully me. I appreciate styling, but I’m working on something more……

(It’s that a great cliff hanger?) Stay tuned.

I stand at a point of my life, were I just want to focus on creative collaborating, and pushing my own original content. I’ll serve to those who do understand my worth, and know where I’m coming from. I’m very selective with those who approach me, and sometimes don’t even mention anything unless asked about it. #StayHumble I don’t market myself with all my crafty things on my personal Facebook page, or Instagram accounts for a reason. That’s why I have my own blog. It’s my personal corner of the internet which I own, and can create and share.

I’m well aware not everyone is into what I do.This is a natural journey for me. Come watch:



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It’s were you can find some cool stuff I decided to record about vs write about! Blogging is hard! But sharing isn’t!

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