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For every mom out there who forgot to put the wet laundry into the dryer, and had to re-wash it — it’s ok! We all do it, re-wash it and get it right next time. It was probably you were caught up helping your child study for their spelling test, while cooking dinner.

The kids are back to school, and the house is finally getting back into a new schedule, and new rhythm. The time between coming home from school until basketball practice/ or any activity or dinner, is a crucial time to get homework and studying done. Having two children at different grade levels, mommy and daddy definitely have to tag team and help each boy individually to succeed success! With that we new to have an organized system of routines, and set expectations.

I’ve follow Marnie Goldberg also known as MsGoldGirl on YouTube for beauty tips, and lifestyle organization. Recently she’s been featuring her husband every Monday for ‘Marnie & Michael Monday’s,’ where they cover certain topics her viewers ask of them. The last M&M Monday they covered Organizing Study Time, and I couldn’t help but agree with them on this 100%!! The struggle is real as a parent, you are not only trying to achieve your own personal goals and every day tasks, but also the kids, when they are in school. Being a parent of a 3rd grader and Transitional Kindergartener, the homework isn’t too overwhelming, but help and assistance of a parent is definitely needed. My 8 year old son, should now form good habits since he is now very self-efficient to do other things.

Here’s a list of routines and expectations Marnie had provided in the video. I’ve already printed a copy for myself to have in our house!


You can check out Marnie’s Blog Post on

Organizing Study Time HERE.

Routines and Expectations

We have put these policies in place to achieve the following goals:

  • Form habits
  • Set you up for success
  • Establish predictability in order to foster certainty and productivity

Daily Habits

  • 30 minute rest period after arrival at home
  • Review agenda and folders
  • Study in same place each night
  • Review completed work with parent
  • Backpacks/gear packed before bed
  • Weekly agenda/planning meetings on Sundays


  • Phones are with parents during study time
  • Background music during study time can be classical only
  • Once nightly review is complete, phones are returned to you until 10 pm.
  • No phones upstairs after 10 pm.

This plan was set down in order to make all of our lives as stress-free and easy as possible.


Obviously, my children are still at the young age of not owning phones, or wanting to listen to their own music during study time, but this sets up a standard now, for them to slowly adjust to it, as they grow older. This is very new to me, as I’m applying such new focused routines for my children, but as we get farther along into the academic year, I’m sure this system will get engrained into our homework flow naturally.

Are you parent with children, trying such system like this? Let me know, I’d love to read your feed back! I’m open to anything and to hit the ground running now

– at the early start of the school year!


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