Fun Espadrilles

Canvas espadrilles have been my go to summery shoe! A great alternative to sandals, where they’re the exact point where comfortable meets cool! The rope-soled slip-ons have returned for another season in the sun! Extended their stay for another season easing away from summer, they will keep me comfortable, casual and cool until the autumn strikes! Until then, I’ll be enjoying my cheerful flats, with every step.


Check out my current favorite espadrille flat!

Purchased from Target for $19.99! These cool Womens Maeley’s Espadrilles, have been my favorite shoe after my Croc Sexi-Flips which I recently retired!

Whatever style you’re into these espadrille shoes are the perfect everyday flat! Coming in all sorts of designs, and patterns I’ve seen them sold at Nordstrom, JCrew, Old Navy, Kohls and other retailers!! Prices vary from $19.99-$250!!! Ride the waves with a cool beachy wave design, hit the city streets with graffiti girl patterns, or add the touch of bright neon lights! Great varieties and designs are sold everywhere!

Do you have a favorite espadrille slip-on shoe you’re currently crushing over?! Tag me on Instagram @TiffanysTidings! #ihaveathingwithfloors!


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