Back To School Ft. DIY Chalkboard Globe

The day has finally came!!! I’ve been waiting all summer for this!!! It’s the first day of school, and both boys are going to school!!! That’s right, this stay-at-home mom has been patiently waiting 4years for this day to come!! No more mommy & me tiny tot classes no more!! I am now released of my duties, and no longer have a child tied to my hip for at lease 4 hours during the daytime!! Why am I so excited? Because I have many creative projects lined up that I’ve been planning to tackle since the year started!! This mama wants to be productive, with minimal distractions in the household!

What mom wouldn’t be as excited as me?! I’m literally stoked!!

Back to school is not only provides me a chunk of time without my kids, but provides me precious golden time to reset, organize and plan our new schedule for the upcoming new school year. End of August, early September is when I’m in contact with sports organizations, coaches, and teachers.  Here are boys back to school morning photos. Every year I try to change it up with whatever prop, or background. A reoccurring theme I continue to use for our back to school photos is the use of chalk! Of course, I’m not going to opt out and just purchase a vintage faux shabby chic chalkboard at Hobby Lobby or HomeGoods. I LOVE diving into a project to make the back to school photos unique and different as much as possible!

Back To School

This chalkboard was a DIY project I tackled early this year in January. Click HERE to see the tutorial!

Chalk Globe

DIY Chalk (anything), could possibly be one of the easiest crafts anyone can do. Simply coat on the paint on whatever surface you’d like to chalk paint. A favorite chalk applicator as been chalk pens. Not any chalk pen, but (after going through many fails of different brands) the best results has been from Bistro Chalk Marker. You could purchase the set of fine line chalk markets in fluorescent colors at any craft supply store, or even Wal-Mart! The chalk paint I love using is Martha Stewarts Mult-Surface Chalk Paint.

I’ve gone through at least 5-6 bottles of Martha’s multi-surface chalk paint. It’s definitely a high quality favorite go-to purchase of mine at my Michael’s for anything chalk related to all my projects. As for the globe, I thrifted it for $7 a couple years back with absolutely no intentions at the time to chalkpaint the entire thing. After being inspired to travel early this year, I needed a motivation decorative piece to incorporate around my household. So, of course after some light research on being PINspired (Pinterest inspired), I found this Pottery Barn Chalkboard Globe:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 7.22.14 AM

What have you chalked up around your house? Comment below! I’d love to check out what you’ve created!!! Also, to you stay-at-moms out there; enjoy the upcoming school year!! I hope you can not only enjoy your time away from the kids, but also capitalize on housework, completing errands faster than usual, and finally tacking some of those Pinterest projects you’ve pinned a couple weeks back!


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