Love Your Home Challenge

I love our home. I love how we’re located in a cute quaint quite cul-de-sac right off the main street and we can hear the sirens of the paramedics going up and down giving us a city feel. I love how we have a large tree in front of our home to give us cool shade all throughout the day. I love our front porch that holds our Craigslist rocking chairs, and found off the curb Pottery Barn Kids picnic table. And I love how we’re exactly a mile away from sons school.

I love our home. To be able to have a roof over our head, I feel very blessed. And yet, sometimes I struggle with taking my blessings for granted! For me, I am so fortunate to have a safe and warm place to not only raise my family, but to nurture my family. We are blesses even further to have a space to decorate and enjoy, and to have land for our boys to roam and play.

We are blessed. This I know.

But I’m only human….And sometimes I want more. I would be lying if I told you I never wished for more funds to decorate or renovate or improve.

Truth is, I’m a little unsatisfied.


Thankfully, I don’t have to settle with the cards I was dealt with, dealing with my dissatisfactions or disappointments.

Right now, you could be asking, what in the heck could you hate or be dissatisfied with your home Tiffany? Honestly, I’m really unhappy with my backyard. This has be a neglected area for quite some time. I never really knew how to take care of if, besides a good old fashioned daily raking of the leaves. BUT! I told myself (with a go-getter attitude) I can own up to the challenge of sprucing up the backyard with what little budget, and things I can make on my own.

Focused Area: Backyard


Problem Area: Backyard Wall


So, this summer – in the fabulous month of July, I’ve made it my project to bring the love, energy, attention and focus to my backyard. I’m going to give myself the Love Your Home Challenge. Just like any trending home decor challenge given over the internet, these challenges are usually given as a focus and commitment to a certain task. Very similar to the Zero Dollar Decorating, and $5 GoodWill Challenge.

I really look forward to tacking this backyard challenge this summer, as I intend to trim, tidy, declutter, and upgrade our current backyard living area, into a whimsical simple garden terrace with play area. I can’t wait!! Here’s what I’m working with so far…..

Pallets, succulents, and Craigslist!  

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