End Of Baseball Season Gift Bags

Baseball season is finally over!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some baseball moms may feel heartbroken, or unhappy and sad that the season is over for their little boys, but NOT ME! I had two little boys playing in little league, which meant; double the practices, double the games, double the volunteer hours. So, you have no idea how much it means to me knowing the season is over. 20 games! For each boy!!! That’s 40+ games (including tournaments) that were scheduled for me to take my boys.

With the season over, an end of season party goes along with it.



– Paper Bags

I purchased mine form a local hobby store near my house. They had many varieties of colored paper bags, which are great for party favors, along with other party and grift wrapping supplies. Each of these medium sized paper bags were $0.50 each! 

– Baseball Themed Foam Felt Stickers (JoAnn Fabrics)


Goody Bag Fillers:

– David’s Sunflower Seeds – Ranch Flavor (Smart & Final, Pack Of 12)

– Cracker Jacks (DollarTree, Pack Of 3)

– BabeRuth Chocolate Treat Size Bars (DollarTree, Pack Of 6)

Additional Custom Treat

I ended up purchasing custom baseball cookies from a baker I’ve been going to for years. She totally gets the job done, and makes them larger than expected. I knew having baseball cookies made would add the perfect touch to the goody bag, tying in  with the baseball theme goody bag.

Bakery PanoI came a tad early to pick up the cookies, which were still cooling. I ended up carrying them out, continuing to cool, and pack in plastic bags later on in the afternoon.Cookies In The CarIf you’re in the San Francisco East Bay Area, check out Karen at Old Towne Danville Bakery! Such as amazingly talented woman! She’ll definitely create the perfect cookie, cupcakes, or cake for your special occasion!  Trust me! I’ve been going to he for 6 years!!!

Tell her Tiffany Mac sent you!!

Bagged Cookies

Above is how I bagged the cookies. Simply, place the cookie into a clear plastic bag, and knot with a bow. I added in these cookies inside the each of the goody bags, and purchased extra for the coaches. Paired with $100 Amazon Gift Cards.

The end of season party was held at a local neighborhood pizza parlor. The team reserved a private room with enough space for the team and their families. One of the boys’ grandparents owned a Cold Stone Creamery and brought individual  ice cream cups for everyone! And not only that, the team mom (coincidentally) purchased $10 gift cards to Cold Stone as well!! Talk about marketing!! She ended up slipping the gift card into each goody bag I had made!


Overall the evening was wonderful. The kids played in the arcade, running back and forth from the arcade to the dinner room. Enjoying their ice cream, as well as their good bags.


What a great year Rockies! Many of the boys may be split up next year as some will move on to Minor A (strictly kid pitch,) and others due to age will stay behind, repeating Minor B for a additional year. I look forward to the next baseball season. Really. (I’m just happy its all over now.) #BurntOutMom


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