Oh Joy To The Rescue!!

You guys, I seriously squealed like a little girl when I saw the OhJoy striped first aid bag for the first time.  After viewing through my news feed in Insta, it was literally fell in love at first sight, and took my butt straight to my local Target!

OhJoyYou can find these ridiculously cute first aid bags at the end caps of the healthcare isle of your Target. When I went today, they had a sale for it being $5.99 (Original price at $6.99). Also, if you purchase 3 select health care items, you get a First Aid Kit FREE!! I’m thinking of heading back and buying 3 more bags, just for each car, and also for in the house!


Oh Joy Striped First Aid Bag


Oh Joy! also has a line of Band-Aids for Target. The Target I went it didn’t have them, but did have some very cute Target Up&Up brand-aids (See in above). Oh Joy To The Rescue is the new collaboration, of the newst products with BAND-AID, and also Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies. These lovable, sweet, pretty, attractive band-aids, just add a cute adorable touch to help heal and cover up those cuts and scrapes.


Now, with a family filled with boys they would have no appreciation for OhJoy products or design of such. I mean, look at them. Pastel colors, fun festive design patterns. No gratitude or thanks from my boys. BUT! That doesn’t mean I cannot store and provide simple standard bandaids, or Avengers band-aids in my little first aid kit. With well active boys, being in baseball, basketball, other sports, and just being boys, boo boos happen. So being a well equipped mommy ready for those future ouchies – I’m ready to help heal.

Have you purchased your OhJoy to the rescue products yet?! If not, you better hop on it!!!! I sure will again later this week!!


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