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The past week we’ve extended our stay in our own living room. Daddy just recently ruptured his achilles tendon, so sitting and watching movies on Netflix, and reading has been our current home life for the next few weeks. As I move furniture around to make space, and sleep on the chaise of the sectional, I keep looking around our current living room in search of new living room update opportunities. I have also been looking at some of the furniture Roanoke has to offer which has whetted my appetite for a bit of a living room makeover.
I’m always open for new projects around the house. From distressing wood furniture I picked up at the thrift store, or a Craigslist purchase I’ve recently made. But, my favorite projects have been no-cost (free) decorating!! Here are a few low or no budget ideas to update the living room:
  • Freshening up pillows
    • Toss in new pillows! These not so dominant decorative pieces that pull color from drapes, rugs, or artwork!
  • Underfoot Style
    • A graphic rug is a simple way to make a big statement.
  • Rearrange Furniture
    • For a free update, rearrange the furniture you have. Experiment with the room’s layout.
    • Think about how you can have a comfortable conversation with someone sitting on another piece of furniture.
  • Light It Up
    • Add sparkle and drama with a pair of matching table or floor lamps!
  • Artwork Statement Pieces
    • Expand your shopping list to include new lighting, interesting accents such as pillows or a decorative throw, and a piece of artwork for a focal point.
    • Create a DIY modern art piece yourself! Mod Podge a photo on canvas, frame an old vinyl record, the skies the limit!

So those are a few of my low or zero budget decorating tips to update the living room. Overall, start by shopping in your own home; there may be an unused bookcase in the basement or forgotten end tables stacked in the garage. Of course, I’d love to own a Restoration Hardware New Marbella Right Arm Sectional, or a Z Gallerie Ava 8 Mirrored Dresser. But financially that isn’t in the budget. So quality furniture should be treated as an investment. That being said if you’d like to own some of your own quality furniture even if you are on a budget AO Home have some wonderful and reasonably priced furniture for you to transform your living room.

Living rooms are where you entertain guests and spend quality time with family, things like making lighting key for setting the proper mood. Personally, I like lighting candles. Start shopping around the house, and hopefully you can create a nice new fresh living space, without spending a dime!

Happy decorating!


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