PDX Food Favorites

Here is a review of my favorite food spots in Portland. Seriously, I’m not foodie person here in the Bay Area, I’m actually quite simple, and most of the time a clean/healthy eater. But while on vacation, and in a urban city, the rules change, just a bit…. Here’s why…

Food Cart Favorites

Food Carts

Korean Twist

Southwest Portland, Downtown

  • SW 10th & Alder St
    Portland, OR 97205

The Bulgogi Burrito (w/Kimchi), which I shared with my boyfriend is a giant flour tortilla beautifully wrapped around bulgogi, rice, crisp fresh veggies, and some awesome sauce. Super messy to eat, but all the less reason to put your burrito down. Coming from a food cart, you’ll have to find a place to sit, so we walked to a small park called O’Bryant Square, which is right across from Finnegan’s Toys.

Sushi PDX

Southeast Portland, Belmont, Sunnyside

  • 4262 SE Belmont St
    Portland, OR 97215

Next, is Sushi PDX. Located in the Southeast side of Portland, but was only a couple minutes drive away from our rental home. It’s also, meshed in a lot with other food carts as a pod, that provides a parking-lot, patio tables and chairs, and also a covered tent area to eat lined with lights. Sushi PDX has well crafted and flavorful sushi, that also excellent fish quality. The boyfriend, who would consider himself a sushi snob, wasn’t expecting this from a food truck but I was pleasantly surprised. Good, cheap, fast handrolls all coming from a food cart. Amazing. And yes, sushi from a food cart.

Breakfast MUST!

Slappy Cakes

Southeast Portland, Belmont, Sunnyside

  • 4246 SE Belmont St
    Portland, OR 97215

Seriously, one of the coolest concepts around!!!! I’ve been too many DIY/cook your own foor restaurants like Korean BBQ, and Shabu Shabu, but pancakes?!?!?!?! SOOOOO fun!! Especially if you have kids! You can get creative any way you want, create fun shapes with your pancakes, and and whatever toppings! Wonderful friendly service, and the food was very good – fresh fruits, and I love the different options of cake batters.

PROS: Kind and friendly staff, good food, creative touch to an American Breakfast.

CONS: Long waits. Go on a weekday (I highly suggest right when they open, at least 20-35mins after opening, before the morning rush. Prices are not cheap, but its worth the experience!

Youngest age to cook: I’d suggest 5. My 4 year old wanted to pour his own batter, but it was a complete mess. Try allowing him top his pancakes with the fun selection of toppings!



Coffee provided was Stumptown! Loved it, and made the whole entire experience more grand!


Toppings are provided in these pour over cups. We chose bacon, bananas, chocolate chips, and Bleu Cheese

(which paired nicely with the buttermilk batter.)


Getting silly at Slappy’s.


After choosing your pancake batter, they preheat the griddle and hand you your 8oz. squeezer. From there have fun! I’m so sand the locations are only in Portland, and Maui. BUT! What-the-heck, PDX is only 9 hours from me. Let’s go to Slappys!!!!

Coffee Favorites

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Madison St & Spring St First Hill

  • 1115 12th Ave
    Seattle, WA 98122

If you talk to anyone in Portland, asking about a coffee they will suggest Stumptown. Neighboring the ACE Hotel in Portland, with east access to their main hotel lobby with a great lounge, and photobooth, Stumptown offers great quality coffee that is smooth and rich, Seriously, its crack coffee. Amazing! Extremely smooth and not at all bitter.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is the coffee that will definitely change your  terrible drinking ways from ‘the other guy’ coffee chain. Please do yourself a favor, and visit Stumptown. They’re in Los Angeles too!!


Disclaimer: Before you knock me on Portland donuts, and hype up any other place, this is only because this location was at the convenience of myself and my family. Trust me, I wanted to try VooDoo, but staying in-line with 2 children for more than 45min isn’t worth it. Back off you foodie hipsters. Ain’t no one got time for that!!!

Blue Star Donuts

Southwest Portland, Downtown

  • 1237 SW Washington St
    Portland, OR 97205


During a casual afternoon shopping through NW 23rd St, we stumbled upon Blue Star Donuts. When in PDX, there is this enormous heavy hype on trying the donuts. Between VooDoo to BlueStar, BlueStar just so happened to fall into our laps. (We did drive by VooDoo many times, but the lines scared us.)

Surrounded by quaint boutique shops, UrbanOutfitters down the street, and across the street – Salt & Straw Ice Cream, we choose Blue Star to be our afternoon sweet treat. Greeted with a bright blue door, clean lines, and elegant interior with white subway tiles, Blue Star already had me. No lines, clean counter, and a simple menu is all they had to offer.

Coffee provided: Stumptown. Oh yes.
Blue Star

The family and I purchased 2 beignets, a cinnamon vanilla sugar, and one original glazed. Not surprised, the boys devoured the donuts. My boys tend to love the “vanilla,” (plain Jane) type of sweets. But I, like the more intense classic heavy chocolate original glazed donuts. (Blue Star, may not have had that.) But I can appreciate their goal here. It’s definitely described as the grown-up donut place in Portland.

Do you have any favorite Portland eateries? Let me know! Share! I’m hungry!!


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