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i have an issue with online gaming. See, I’m not the gamer. My kids and husband are. In a world of busy family schedules, work, sports, school, figuring out dinner, and if you’re a parent, lucky enough to escape for a weekday Happy Hour…Time is tight. There just isn’t enough time in the day. However, when I spot my children in front of their computers, I feel like its been HOURS!!!! Literally, hours…..

Growing, I too played a lot of online video games. The SIMs was my kryptonite. For my husband, he played Counter Strike. Now a days, there’s all these popular online games such as Fornite, and Roblox.

I’ve given in, and looked further into online games and other video games in general!!

Here’s a site to check out more gaming for your loved ones to continue to enjoy.

Do you hate me? LMAO!!! My kids and husband don’t!


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Happy gaming!

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