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I’m a huge fan Bath & Body Works. Today I went for a quick visit to pick up some new fresh scents for spring. I’ve been burning up my winter candles, and have been quite tired of pine needles. Crossing fingers that they would be having their 2 for $20 sale on 3 wick candles, I was utterly surprised about thier new line of spring fragrances. Mesmerized with their scents and cute bright vibrant labels, I was caught in a scenting trance of smelling each candle scent.

Their signature 3 wick candles are my kryptonite. I try my best to avoid them, and not spend too much, but I burn through them so quickly, I keep coming back to BBW for more! One time I had an entire stock of them in my cleaning cabinet, ready for use! This time around, I wait until my candles are burnt up, and have reached glass bottom.


After sniffing through each spring candle, I settled for the 3 wick Rainforest Gardenia. I have always loved gardenia, and I’m so glad I picked up this candle, I really love it. It is a true floral scent that really reminds me of Spring and smells amazing when burning. It also makes my house smell like I’m in a rainforest full of exotic flowers! Rainforest Gardenia isn’t any Aloha Waikiki, but it smells clean with just a hint of soapy, and with a little sweet/floral mix in there, too. It’s definitely a warm-weather scent, perfect for Spring!

I paired the candle with an old metal tulip sleeve I purchased a couple years ago. If you’re a BBW fan, I’m sure you have a 3wick sized metal sleeve collection. If not, I high suggest getting some. Totally worth the $7.50. The candle sleeves, are just a nice decorative way disguising your candles label.

After the candles, I made my way towards the anti- bacterial table. Sucking me in, with their 5 for $5 deal, I stocked up on your favorite mini sanitizer squeezers. These pocketbac sanitizers are all over my house, car, and in every single spring bag and basket in my home! Grabbing my favorite sanitizer scents, and a new pocketbac holder, I purchased Beautiful Day, Mad About You, Raspberry Pink Peony, Dancing Waters, and a classic favorite Sweet Pea.

SanitizersGreen Tassel

After gathering my fancy 5 sanitizers, I needed a quick fashion fix, to style up my pocketbacs! I purchased this fun green tassel charm clip with a woven strap. Like all the pocketbac holders, it can attach to your backpack, purse and more so you can keep your favorite sanitizer close at hand! One great tip for these BBWs pocketbacs is utilizing them as great gifts or favors! Add these miniture scent squeezers to a bridal basket, or as a wedding favor! Any girl who loves scented items could not turn down a fun scented gift! Try it next time!

BBW’s collection of sanitizers all carry wonderful hints of soft florals from peonies, wild daisies, to lightly scented sun-kissed apple. The scents also linger for awhile, which is nice. Spreading love, not germs these pocketbacs are truly my favorite products from BBW. What’s your favorite fragrance for spring? It is fresh floral peonies? Gardenia? Lemon? Lavender? Sparkling Limeade? The list of Bath & Body Work scents can go on. Comment below, and share your favorite fragrance!


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