Pre-Teen Apparel

With a 10 year old, who’s entering middle school soon, I am in well preparation for the changes that will be coming along. One thing I remember during the 6th grade was I was caring more about my appearance. My son has a pretty simple cook. Gray fitted pants, high-top vans, and a graphic tee. My son will never go to school in basketball shorts (God Almighty, Hallelujah!!!)

With my pre-teen turning the corner, I know he’ll probably what to add to his current wardrobe. I love being my the personal stylist to my children, but they are entitled to their own style. So I stumbled upon HotKeyGaming.

From hoodies, hats, and even phone cases, this site has apparel for the simple minimalistic gamer, who loves graphic tees, but just toned down, where it’s not too crazy.


If you have some young boys, who are in need for some time graphic tees. HotKeyGaming is the place to shop!



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