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In last weekend’s post 5K To Wedding Day: PLUS Surprises, I had mentioned that an older gentleman claimed that my youngest son was on the front of our local bulletin paper. After being a mom-on-a-mission, checking local grocery stores, liquor stores, and asking around, this paper was no where to be found. But I kept getting strangers and other parents declare that he was on there. One other little league parent even had it on his phone. Texted from a family member who thought it was their nephew.

I was so mind boggled that this paper, non-the less the photo of my son was not able to be found online. Seriously, after calling around local new papers, and driving by local closed down paper headquarters, I was finally given an address. Luckily, everything was so close to home. I walked into The ARGUS office here in Fremont, (which, I had to do major calling around just to get their new office location), as well as they are pretty bad at updating their information online.

Front Page

The receptionist was able to help me and provide me 3 copies of the Fremont Bulletin. There you had it, my little 2T right beside the team banner next to his coaches, marching at their Little League Opening Day. My heart filled with warmth and joy, knowing our community has seen my little celebrity. To tell you, even last year, my older son was on the paper as well, and the team mom at the time was able to give me a copy of the paper. (Squeals!) My two children have been in the local paper. I know its not much, but years from now, I’ll be able to share these documented articles and show them how little they were, and how they were a face of their local little league.

Here’s a closer look of Tristan.

Fremont Bulletin

Thank you to the San Jose Mercury News, The ARGUS, and InsideBayArea.


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