Like everyone I’m on Instagram and follow my friends, creative artisans, bloggers, celebrities and fitness pros. Fitness gym accounts on Instagram, are certainly a guilty pleasure of mine. I not only use them as a motivational reminder, but also as a resource of exercises I can do at home or at the gym. (I obsess over the fitness videos!)

Celeb Gym Ladies

As I started once again with my personal trainer, we talk about fitness goals. The last time I was with my trainer, he got me into shape in preparation for a Thailand backpacking trip, and Half Dome hike. This time around, there are no future travel plans or major hikes to conquer. He suggested I register myself in local half marathon runs. He and I both believe I can do it, but I’m looking for more of greater fulfillment for myself. Not saying that the half marathons are not good enough for me, but I’m in search of something more.. FYI I did register for a local Mermaid Run.

My trainer recommended that I search up bodies, I’d like to be like and post them somewhere around the house. That evening I Googled up my favorite celebrities, but wasn’t really happy with all the red carpet photos, extravagant clothes, and beautiful photoshoots. I needed to feel more relatable to my favorite stars. Everything I was looking at was all cosmetic, and smoke and mirrors. I adjusted my search and searched up my fav celebrities in their gym outfits, and candids of them walking out of their gym. Celebrities including: Lea Michele, Jessica Simpson, Khloe Kardashian, Nicole Richie, and Jessica Biel.

Fitness CelebsAfter viewing numbers of celebrities walking out of their gyms, or walking to their current work out, it occurred to me these women make it a lifestyle for themselves to stay in shape. Why can’t I? I did once before, and can do it again, but I have to find the will power to also keep it off. And that’s how my first goal transpired.

Within the first week of March, I’ve already seen my trainer 4 times. That’s just about every other day. Our goals together are to strip the weight off within half a contract. Muscle building, correctives, and also some physical therapy. The days I’m not seeing my trainer I’m at the gym doing cardio, or my homework. 30 minutes of running, sit-ups every hour, and eating every 2 hours is just the few tid bits of my healthy lifestyle.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs: AndKathleen and she had a post on why she works out. Here’s her answer…

“Why do I work out? Because I believe if I can sculpt my body into a zombie-killing machine then I will prove to myself that transformation + discipline can accomplish any vision I set my sites on. And right now, I have some pretty big vision.

So now I have my why. I like it. But I still want to look like a zombie-slaying badass in a bikini.”

– See more at: AndKathleen: Why I Work Out

I always find fitness moms so motivation. What’s something that you had to learn the hard way with health and fitness? How often do you train now? Do you fit into a certain mold (runner, swimmer, dancer, etc), or are you a little all over the place like yours truly?

As always, I’m excited to read your comments! Happy Friday!


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