5K To Wedding Day: PLUS Surprises


Today was my first 5K run of the year! The drive from my home to the regional park in Livermore was amazing. I had my morning dutch chocolate nutrimeal, received my morning before-run motivational texts from friends and family, and enjoyed the 50 Shades Of Grey Soundtrack on Spotify driving through beautiful vineyards.

Before the run, I did have a little bit of the butterflies from the park gate, to finding a parking spot, to walking up to the start line. I’ve been training for this, and know I can mentally and physically I can do this. My goal was to complete the 3mile race under 40mins. The last time I did a 5K, I was able to complete it within 34mins. So giving myself the extra 5-6mins was a great safety. Before start time, I took myself to a nearby picnic table and did some core warm-ups. 2 minute step-ups, lateral step-ups (both sides), then step-to balance and lateral step-to balance. Those are just a few warm up drills I do with my trainer, and on my own to keep my knees and ankles strong. All to prevent me from knee injury.

Since I’ve started back with my trainer, one of my biggest fears is getting injured, ESPECIALLY a knee injury. “If,” (knock on wood) I did go through a knee injury, that would put me months on sitting down, that leads to gaining weight, which leads me to the fear of not being loosing weight (again), and scared from another knee injury. And that is a complete no, no in my book. Having to “loose weight” again is a CLEAR-CUT no in my journey. Going through this entire fresh knew look on life, and staying fit, healthy and strong is a must, that I want to carry through my late 30s and on. In my head I’m like “I’m Asian, I get mistaken as a youngin’ all the time. Let’s keep it that way!!!!”  I know that sounds crazy, but growing old, sucks. And I don’t want it to be. I want to stay healthy and be healthy. For myself and for my family.


(Photos By BrazenRacing)

Fast forward to the race, the race was amazing! While running I got to enjoy the green hills of De Valle Regional park in Livermore. Livermore is the eastern edge of the San Francisco Bay Area, with a fantastic regional park, filled with green hills, great hiking trials, and a beautiful lake view. The weather was perfect during the race, cold, and brisk of the early morning, easy breathing weather, with warm sun shining down! Above, is a photo of the 5K start. Can you spot me? I’m wearing all black, which I always wear because while working out I like to celebrate my fats funeral. Heh, I know, but really though.

As I reached the tail end of my 5K, I charged towards the finish line, and headed straight to the water table. I was given my medal and huffed and puffed towards my car. Yes. My car. I didn’t stop to enjoy watching others cross the finish line, I drank up my water, and walked directly towards my car. Today was such a jammed packed day, of not only my 5K, but each of my boys had baseball games, and later on in the evening my friends wedding! Once returning home, and texting my family, I was able to see the very last part of my youngest son’s game. The team huddle where the coach announces who receives the game ball. And guess who got it?! My son did!!!! What an amazing morning!!! If I hadn’t gone straight to my car after my race, I wouldn’t be able to catch that moment of my son receiving the game ball! So proud of my little guy. Really.

Shortly after seeing my son experience his first game ball, he enjoyed his after game meal at the snack shack. While talking to my mom as she recapped the tball game, an older gentleman interrupted us saying that my son was on the front cover of the local bulletin paper. Shocked, I wasn’t sure if it was true, I told him I wasn’t aware that my son’s picture was on the paper. The older gentleman was certain, and kept saying he’s on it, “a great straight shot of him.” I’ll have to look into this later..

MonicaWedding (Photo By David Rosario, The Photoriot)


After an afternoon of rest and celebrating a morning of milestones with my family, it was time to attend my dear friends wedding Monica & James. To let you know a little bit about this couple; Derrick and I were introduced to M&J by a mutual friend, David (who also did photography for their wedding day.) David introduced us in 2012 and we first met them as a couple at Derrick’s 26th birthday which we had hosted a house party at our old home. Beer pong tables under patio string lights, sangria, and a chocolate fondue is all I remember from that party. Good times. Time passed, and over the course of parties, hiking Half Dome, double date nights with J&M, antique fair shopping, and farmers market meet-ups this couple hit a home run with Derrick and myself. They are such an incredible couple to be around. They compliment Derrick and I as a couple, which similar – wait, like almost identical interests!! The balance and dynamics of the four of us together is simply amazing. So being invited to their wedding day truly meant something to me. I love James & Monica so very much, and I cannot say that about many people.

The evening wedding was hosted at an art collective outdoor patio warehouse in Berkeley, totally James & Monica. The details were cool and funky, and vintage. I actually provided the bridal party sign, all DIY, painted and thrifted my moi. I’ll post a tutorial on that soon. The wedding was so emotional. And I mean emotional. Take a look at the photo above captured by my friend David, The Photoriot. Simply amazing.

To Monica & James, you two have defined what true love really is. I send many positive thoughts with love and care to you two everyday. I love you guys! Cheers to the next chapter of your relationship.


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