5K Prep

This weekend marks the date of the start of my new running lifestyle! Earlier in February, I signed myself up for two 5K runs this Spring. The first one is this weekend, and the next one will be in May. I strategically planned them a month and a half way form them, so I can mentally and physically prep, and as well as enjoying family weekends and Spring Break which is coming up.

Take a look at my Journey To 30 Monthly Log Here.

This weekends run is the Badger Cove Half 5k/10k Marathon, hosted by BrazenRacing. It’ll be held at the picturesque Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore! From waterfront views under oak groves to panoramic vistas, these courses have a lot to offer, which I’m very excited about!!! I’m extremely excited for this race because its all part of my health and fitness journey, and also I’m doing this run alone. No girlfriend, or wing man, nothing but me, myself and I.

I’ve consistently have been seeing my personal trainer, and have been running every morning. The other morning, I ran at 7AM on a Sunday morning. It was magnificent. The was long, but throughout the entire day I felt energized, awake, and very productive. And we all know, “a Sunday well spent, brings a week of content!”

This weekend, I also have plans to attend a Berkeley wedding of my dear friend. Hosted at an art collective, I’m very eager to see the out come of the two weeks shes been working hard for. Yes, my homegirl has been planning her wedding in just 2 weeks. No, its not a shot-gun wedding! Anyhow, this weekend is going to bring such joy in my life with the start of a new running lifestyle, and to witness my dear friends special day!

Happy Thursday!


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