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I woke-up this morning with the desire to register for a couple local marathon runs. Just about a year ago I entered my first 5K Run with my god sister Rez (the one that just got married this past weekend). At the time I was in wonderful shape. I traveled to Thailand, and a month later I hiked up Half Dome. In 2013 my New Years Resolution was all about health and fitness. I took that year with just dedicating all my time and energy to transfiguring my current post baby body. My body adjusts well to an active lifestyle (like it should), but unfortunately I ignored it during the time of having children. Excuses and depression, got to me so I hired a personal trainer that I met 2-3 times a week. He went grocery shopping and helped me in the kitchen prepping low glycemic meals. A total transformation and lifestyle change within 3 months.

Summer 2014, I had started to lose the fitness lifestyle. I was slipping. There were no motivators. No upcoming travel plans, or major hikes. No fitness goals whatsoever. I’ve been aware the past year of the weight gain, and have been struggling to drop the weight once again. This time, no investing in a personal trainer. I’ve hired help at desperate need, but this time, we’re saving money. With the knowledge my trainer has given me, I have to dig deep and find it within myself to achieve the same fitness goals as before.

Half Dome

September 2013

Climbing up the cables on Half Dome, Yosemite National Park.
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Which leads me to registering for a couple marathon runs. While going to the gym, and (kind of) dieting I feel like I have to put my fitness to the test. I registered myself to two local runs in my area. The first is in March, and the other in May. Each run, just about a month apart which gives me time to train. Both these runs are 5K, a good ol’ 3 miles. Its nothing to extreme, but a good start to the year. I plan on increasing the distance as I get more comfortable.

So here’s to the start again to a new healthy lifestyle that I plan on keeping up for the rest of my life. I’ve done it before, and I believe I can do it again. I will prove to myself that transformation + discipline can accomplish any inspiration I set my sites on.

I’m approaching 30….So consider this my journey to 30. Here we go!

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(Years ago, I used to be in Polynesian/Tahitian dance troop and my body was bangin’!!)


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