Time For Tea

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Instagram, you would probably know that I am one of the MOH for my friends wedding this upcoming weekend. It is very much a huge compliment to be named one of the right-hand women. My friend evidently had chosen me because she thought of me as being organized, loyal, and reliable enough for her to trust me as her voice of reason. My job: for her to come to me in happy moments and sad.  I know the bride pretty much inside and out. I clearly know when to hold back, and when to chime in.

This past weekend we celebrated the bachelorette party. The brides sister and  also the other MOH, decided to reserve a room at Crown & Crumpet Tea Shop & Cafe in San Francisco. Right in the heart of Japantown along Post St. this tea cafe provides stylish rooms, traditional English tea salon experience, with stylish and sparkling decor.

Time For Tea

Above is the lower main tea area of the cafe. Walk in welcome, reservations can also be made. When we first walked in the afternoon, this place was packed! From young girls with their mothers, to teens, to older adults. To anyone who enjoys little the details, cute ambiance, and just the feeling of feeling like a princess this place is for you!

The bachelorette party was held in a private room, just up the steps from the main level. The room was decorated with vintage china plates nicely arranged on the main wall, titled “Great wall of china.” Sitting 10 ladies, ou afternoon tea began with  our dedicated Trolley Dolly host to look after our party. Served “family style” on silver three tiers with a selection of tea sandwiches and warm savories. Warm fruit scones can be served with strawberry jam, lemon curd, and clotted cream. Delish!!


I created some festive partea favors for the ladies attending. I was inspired by Roses and Teacups‘ tea bag. Creating a tea bag party favor for guests to go home with a little something. Although you can buy tea bag favors from different places, they are easy to make. Here’s how:

Things You’ll Need:

  • Colored Organza Bags
  • Fake Spring Flowers
  • Tea Packets
  • Tea Candle
  • Chocolates
  • Tags
  • Washi Tape
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pen/Calligraphy Pen

Tea Favors


  1. Purchase your organza bags, tea bags, tea lights, and any other fillers you’d like to fill and style your favor bag with.
  2. Take your washi tape and wrap around each tea light candle.
  3. Using your pen/calligraphy pen, write something such as “Time for tea, with the bride to be!” and date.
  4. Open and fill your organza bags (1Tea Packet, 1Tea Light, 2 chocolates) or anything else you plan on adding.
  5. Cut fake flowers and tape to the top of the tag.
  6. Tie tag around the bags. Style/position fake flowers.

The favors were an extra personal touch to add to our afternoon Bachelorette tea party. Although Crown & Crumpet also provided a nice goodie bag, including my custom organza favor bag was a pleasant addition, as gift from yours truly the Maid Of Honor….


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