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Over 4 years ago, I- like everyone else had a blog. I started it over the summer, note: ‘Spend The Summer.’ and continued it over the course of a year and half. I blogged current crafts, shows I was obsessing about,  movies, celebrity crushes, and ‘OOTD’Halloween outfit inspiration (that term was not created yet, as well as Pinterest & instagram btw).

The blog started in my boyfriends 1 bedroom appartment, as we were raising our then 2.5 year old. I blogged on my days off from a luxury eye boutique (high end optometery office at a local mall.) We then, found out we were pregnant expecting another boy in November 2010, and moved to a two bedroom apartment summer 2010. A few cities away from where we currently were at. I found a desk job, and actually really enjoyed it. I came in at 8:30, had my own fairly large L-shaped wooden cherry stained desk, listened to music, did my work (alot of scanning, data entry, and customer service phone calls.) Once my belly was too large to handle, I left on maternity leave…And never really came back.

My blog continued with maternity leave excitemement  in our two bedroom apartment, and growing belly. We then found out my parents offered us to live in one of their homes (4 bedrooms!) February 2011 we moved to a larger home and I documents the small little projects, moving mahem, and raising and 3 year old and new infant.

The blog ended there, as my kids took over my life.

BUT the creative crafts, DIY projects continued…
I posted pictures of my projects on my Facebook  & twitter and my peers were always interested. At the time, I was one of the only ones of my peers to be a stay-at-home mom at age 24, with 2 children, and living in a comfortable 4 bedroom home without my parents. My boyfriend was able to provide for our family, and I stayed at home, caring for the little ones, entertaining them, figuring out meal plans, and just trying to gain a stable routine. PRESENT DAY: It probably took me 2 years to gain a stable routine, that was flawless.

NOW, with a 4 year old and 7 year old I am here to share you my parenting insight. as a young stay-at-home mom with the daily struggles, crafting projects, being fabulously frugal, keeping the kids busy, and my ever so millionth attempt to being fit & healthy.

I know its a hodgepodge of things, but I promise I’ll make it entertaining, and also organized! Shall we begin?


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